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Training the Complete Athlete

   - Speed & Agility

   - Injury Prevention

   - Power & Explosion

   - Nutrition


Our volleyball program has a variety of options for instruction. From individual/small group to camps and leagues, we have a setting for everyone to reach their goals. Our ultimate goal is to help every player improve their offensive, defensive, position-specific skills, and court recognition to become the best they can be. We combine a competitive, encouraging, and fun environment allowing athletes to recognize their potential, break beyond their comfort zone, & reach their goals as a person and player!






This 1 on 1 session is designed for individual break-down of skills.

Ask about session discounts!





Small group sessions with 2-4 athletes will include skill-breakdown & game concept training.





Small group sessions with 5+ athletes includes skill development, game concepts & replicating games.

We Come to You!

outreach camps

Traveling with an entire team is inconvenient. With our outreach camps, we bring our experienced, knowledgeable team into your gym. We've worked with hundreds of athletes on their home court. This unique opportunity allows our team to come to you, and be in an environment well known and comfortable to your players. These camps are designed to improve fundamental skills, set attainable goals, and enhance team chemistry. Outreach camps are tailored to meet each team's specific needs. 2-4 days outreach camps are available to be scheduled. Duration of the camp can be modified for each age group. Pricing will be determined based on number of athletes, distance traveled (from Aberdeen), and length of camp. 

Our goal is to provide an affordable camp gearing your team up for the next season. Contact us today to schedule your camp. Currently scheduling for Summer 2021!


Training the Complete Athlete

Coach Kusler is a Certified Sports Performance Specialist and has certifications in Sports Nutrition & Injury Prevention. Kusler Klinics has a variety of options within the Performance Program, and all are geared toward developing young athletes to become successful on the court and in life.

      - Strength + Speed Training Programs (Individual)

      - Nutrition Programs (Individual)

      - MS/HS Outreach Training

Contact us today to to schedule a consultation to discuss developing a program for your athlete or bringing Kusler Klinics to your school!


Why Kusler Klinics Performance?

Check out a few of the MANY benefits that our performance program has for athletes! Our training translates for any sport - volleyball, soccer, baseball, basketball, football and beyond. How can we help you become a complete athlete?

Strength + Speed

nutrition programs

injury prevention program

Speed + Power

Strength and performance go hand-in-hand. Strength + speed training develops efficient, effective movements generating more force and explosion.

Power + Speed = Success

Injury Prevention

Strength + resistance training greatly reduces the chances of injury. Training also increases flexibility, control, and imbalances. Emphasis placed on knee + ankle mobility training.

Foundation for Life

Performance training has a significant role in mature motor skills, muscle mechanics, and coordination in young athletes. These are fundamental in long-term development and growth.


Kusler Klinics has teamed up with Sacred Hoops Basketball to bring traveling basketball and skill development training to the NE South Dakota area. We are excited about the opportunities this will bring. We share the same goal and dedication to impacting as many athletes as we can throughout this region! 

This partnership provides the opportunity for crossover & brings in new events for athletes across the state. From youth camps to 3 on 3 tournaments, we have it all!

Current camps/workouts and information about fall/winter and spring/summer traveling teams can be found using the link below. For questions or to schedule workouts, contact us today & we can get you where you need to go!